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How Long Does it Take to Learn a New Language?

by Jake Beus August 20th, 2010 More

Have you ever asked someone: “How long does it take to learn a new language?” If you have asked more than one person, it is likely you have received a different answer each time. If all the answers were the same, it’s probably because you were told that “it depends”. Of course, when you consider learning a new language, there are various factors to consider.

What resources do I have? We believe there is no substitution for complete immersion in a language. If you can move to a different country and be completely immersed, do it. Since that is not possible for everyone, Visual Link Language™ has created a method called Immersion 2.0. You use your native language and a moving image to learn a new word or phrase, then you are immersed in the new language using only the moving image.

What level of fluency am I aiming for? Some people simply want to learn enough to get by or have a little fun. Others want to gain a level of fluency which will allow them to feel comfortable in any situation. If you know what you want to accomplish with your new language, you will have a better idea of what level of fluency you’ll obtain. Simply remember that it will take time and work, but it will be worth it.

What is my primary (first) language? If English is your native language, perhaps Dutch may be the easiest language for you to learn. English has similarities with many different languages. Chinese may be on the difficult end, but there are thousands of people who will tell you it is possible. Spanish and French are very popular languages being learned by native English speakers.

How much time will I dedicate to this? As previously mentioned, with our Visual Link Spanish™ course you can become fluent in basic conversational Spanish in just 3 months. Again, if you can become completely immersed in the language, that is great. If that’s not an option, you should set aside time (we say at least 30 minutes) each day to learn your new language. It will not do you much good to cram, because as you probably learned in school, you don’t really remember anything after the test.

What’s my attitude? Perhaps the biggest factor of all is attitude. Some may argue that time is the biggest factor, but realize that if you really want to do something, you can usually make it happen. You’ve heard it before, but STAY POSITIVE. Remember that you will make mistakes, but keep practicing. Laugh at yourself. Remember what your goal is and why you are striving for that goal.

When all is said and done, it really does depend on various factors. Just remember that if you really want to learn a language, you can. The sky is the limit for how many languages you can learn. Have fun with it and work hard!

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  1. April 22nd, 2011 at 04:19 | #1

    It is ture and very good. It is an exhaustive list. And surely worth doing it. It will give sound understanding of that language. But what if you lack the time of such a procedure. I suggest one site for learn hindi language that help you doing this fast, easy and with fun.

  2. August 9th, 2011 at 01:03 | #2

    i think Learn a New Language’s time is different to everyone

  3. September 27th, 2011 at 10:04 | #3

    It all depends on how much you practice!

  4. Barbara
    January 27th, 2012 at 17:01 | #4

    I asked this on the travel blog associated with this site. Does anyone have recommendations for Spanish Immersion courses in or around Valencia, Spain?


  5. Fiacrio
    February 9th, 2012 at 07:44 | #5

    yeah, i dont find it too hard tho because I’ve already done a few.
    I think for me it takes about a month if I practice plently each day.
    then i just need to go abroad and talk… immerse myself as they say
    my frist foreign language took a lot longer tho

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