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Italian Greetings – How Are You in Italian

by Jake Beus March 22nd, 2011 More

Do you want to learn how to say how are you in Italian and other Italian greetings but don’t want to spend any money? You will probably be able to find out how it’s spelled in Italian, but you won’t necessarily know how to say it. If you can learn how to say a phrase or word from a native speaker, you should take advantage of that opportunity. The great thing is that you can learn Italian greetings like hello in Italian for free on this website. You can learn and practice with free flash cards with audio from native speakers. You can review what you’ve learned with the new, addictive review game called the Lingo Dingo on the same page. So, you don’t have to spend any money to learn some simple Italian greetings. This website is full of words, phrases, and verbs in 8 languages including French to English and Spanish to English. I don’t think I mentioned that it’s all free yet. Well, it is. Browse around as much as you want for free and enjoy the free-ness (that’s a new word I just made up) of this website.

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  1. Jessica – currently learning spanish and italian
    June 14th, 2011 at 00:02 | #1

    I really like your site, It wpuld be even better if you added casual and informal greeting, slang and all that, it is nice to learn that too. I will share the link to your site with my classmates on facebook.

  2. Bob
    July 27th, 2011 at 23:55 | #2

    Nice tip – will definitely do this. My Italian isn’t very good but hope to visit there soon.

  3. bodybuilding dvds
    August 9th, 2011 at 01:02 | #3

    how are you in Italian i think it is easy to speak

  4. John
    September 27th, 2011 at 10:00 | #4

    Thanks for the tip! Very helpful

  5. Fiacrio
    February 6th, 2012 at 14:49 | #5

    I already speak Spanish considerably well. I watch movies and read in Spanish, so this makes Italian easier. The only problem is that, with all the verbs here, I have no idea how to conjugate them. All help would be really appreciated.

    Love the rest of it by the way! Excellent stuff!

    Go raibh míle maith agat!

  6. Rosie
    March 28th, 2012 at 20:49 | #6

    Just register to this website, always been passionate about Italian. but never took lessons, I want to change that

  7. bARBARA
    June 4th, 2012 at 00:38 | #7

    Desire to learn italian please

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