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Russian Words for Tools

Which tool will you use to save the world? Yakov will help you learn the tools in Russian with the more than enjoyable flash cards below, and then you can quiz yourself with the dangerously addictive Lingo Dingo review game!

Russian Mini Course - Tools









English Russian Roman Spelling
axe топор topor
axle ось os’
bar брусок brusok
blade лезвие lezviye
cord кабель kabel
drill дрель drel
drill bit сверло sverlo
flashlight фонарик fonarik
hammer молоток molotok
handle рукоять rukoyat
knife нож nozh
nut (as in nut and bolt) гайка gayka
pliers плоскогубцы ploskogubtzi
pulley блок blok
ramp пандус pandus
rope верёвка veryovka
ruler линейка lineyka
saw пила pila
screwdriver отвёртка otvyortka
tape measure измерительный метр izmeritel’nyi metr
tool инструмент instrument
wheel колесо koleso
wrench гаечный ключ gaechnyi klyuch

Learning Russian Tool Words

Tools are only as good as their operator. If you've mastered the tools, return to the Russian words menu to learn more words. Selecting the best tools will help you learn Russian at a quicker pace. You may want to learn some encouraging Russian phrases to help you keep going. With the right tools, a positive attitude, and hard work, you will learn the Russian language!

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