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Spanish Present Perfect or "have" tense | Learn Spanish - Blog
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“I Never” in Spanish – Spanish “Present Perfect” or “Have” Tense

by Dave Clark January 13th, 2011 More

Come play “I never” on Facebook Fiesta Friday This Week! Learn how to say “I have” in Spanish.

Watch the video and learn how to say things you’ve never done in Spanish. (Basically, you can learn a whole verb tense in just a few minutes!!!) It is called the “present perfect” or “have” tense.

Please tell as many friends as you want on Facebook about our free site to help the world learn a language! Learn stuff you can share on Facebook Fiesta Friday. Come share your goals with us!

Check out all of our free Spanish words and learn a bunch of vocabulary and verbs! Be sure to tell all of your amigos about our free lessons on Learnalanguage.com.

Here is another great link that will help you learn more verbs for this week’s lesson: Spanish verbs

Here is a little vocabulary to get you started:

I have never Nunca he
For AR ending verbs ar –> ado
For ER/IR ending verbs er/ir –> ido
Example:Verb “to eat” (er ending) comer –> comido
Example:I have never eaten Nunca he comido
I have never eaten lamb Nunca he comido oveja
More examplesTo go (ir ending) ir –> ido
I have never gone… Nunca he ido…
I have never gone to the circus. Nunca he ido al circo.
An example of an “ar” verb.To speak Hablar
Change ending – take off “ar” Hablado
I have never spoken… Nunca he hablado.
I have never spoken with a millionaire. Nunca he hablado con un millonario.
“I have spoken with a millionaire” He hablado con un millonario.
Or “I haven’t spoken with a millionaire either” No he hablado con un millonario tampoco.
On our website http://www.learnalanguage.com/learn-spanish/spanish-verbs there are a ton of verbs and in-depth lessons on conjugation. Scroll down to Spanish Present Perfect Tense

Keep learning Spanish! It’s a great goal for 2011. In a few weeks I’ll be back to share information on winter activities in Spanish! Next week, Jake will help you practice Spanish greetings to practice getting to know others.

Future Facebook Fiesta Friday Topics:

January 21, 2011 – Greetings (come get to know more people and make more Facebook friends!)

January 28, 2011 – Favorite Winter Activity

February 4, 2011 – We would love to hear feedback about what you would like as a topic.

Learn Spanish Lesson - Facebook Fiesta Friday

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