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Christmas Traditions in Spanish Part 2

by Jake Beus December 22nd, 2010 More

Christmas and Holiday Traditions in Spanish Part 2

Spanish Lesson: How to Share Christmas and Holiday Traditions in Spanish

I hope you enjoyed the reading of the Night Before Christmas in Spanglish.  Please share your Christmas and holiday traditions with us on Facebook Fiesta Friday. We’d love to hear about your fun Christmas traditions!

Spanish comprehension is an important part of learning Spanish. Listening to Spanish music has helped many people understand native Spanish speakers better. Since it is the Christmas season, here are a few traditional Spanish Christmas songs for you to listen to.

Canciones Navideñas – Maria Judith Cortes – In this 11 minute video she sings a bunch of Christmas songs very beautifully.

Mi Burrito Sabanero” – A very popular children’s Spanish Christmas song.

Campana Sobre Campana” – Another traditional Spanish Christmas carol.

Navidad en el Perú” – A traditional Spanish carol with a different sound to it.

Tan Tan” – This carol comes from the Zaragoza Province in Spain.

Feliz Navidad” – This is a very popular Spanish-English Christmas carol.

There is also Spanish translation for a list of English Christmas carols you may be more familiar with. Now instead of singing them in English you can sing them in Spanish!

Next week Dave will be sharing a lesson about New Year’s resolutions, or goals for 2011. Since you’re reading this you probably want to include some sort of Spanish education in your goals, just an idea.

Future Facebook Fiesta Friday Topics:

December 31, 2010 – New Year’s Resolutions – What are your goals for 2011? Please share those with us in Spanish.

January 7, 2011 – Surprise Topic

Learn Spanish Lesson - Facebook Fiesta Friday ,

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