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Spansih Subjunctive AR Verbs

Now let’s learn how to conjugate AR subjunctive verbs in Spanish. They are virtually identical to the commands you just learned in the last section. To conjugate “AR” subjunctive verbs, you put on the opposite or “ER/IR” endings. Come back and review with the audio flash cards and the Lingo Dingo.

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For example, if you said, Juan hopes that I help. It would be “Juan espera que yo ayude”. Now look at the rest of the conjugations for each person. Remember, it’s not the trigger that is subjunctive. It’s the phrase after.

Juan espera que

yo uyude

Juan espera que

tú ayudes

Juan espera que

él ayude

Juan espera que

ella ayude

Juan espera que

Ud. Ayude

Juan espera que

nosotros ayudemos

Juan espera que

vosotros ayudéis

Juan espera que

ellos ayuden

Juan espera que

ellas ayuden

Juan espera que

Uds. ayuden

Let’s have a quiz on the “ar” subjunctive endings. We’ll use the subjunctive trigger “María espera que…”

María espera que…

I study a lot

(yo) estudie mucho

you (tú) ayudes

(tú) ayudes

he sings well

(él) cante bien

we prepare well

(nosotros) preparemos bien

they invite me

(ellos) me inviten

all of you attend

(Uds.) asisten

Spanish Review

I doubt they'll answer

dudo que contesten

(Martín) You want us to ask

quieres que preguntemos

He likes her to paint

le gusta que pinte

She needs you all to buy

necesita que paguen

(Sr. Mendes) You prefer them to call

prefiere que llamen

We tell him to clean

decimos que limpie

They hope you (Lucia) cook

esperan que cocines

All of you wish me to dance

desean que baile

I don't believe you (Sra. Muñoz) drive...

no creo que maneje…

(Marta) You ask them to draw

pides que dibujen

He insists that we eat breakfast

insiste en que desayunemos

She doesn't think she'll eat dinner

no piensa que cene

We want him to finish

queremos que termine

They like you (Jose) to fix

les gusta que arregles

All of you need me to help

necesitan que ayude

I prefer that you (Sra. Rojas) keep...

prefiero que guarde

We tell them to jump

decimos que salten

We wish (desire) her to invite

deseamos que invite

(Pablo) You don't believe she'll need

no crees que necesite

(Paola) You ask him to listen to

pides que escuche

(Miguel) You don't think you'll return?

no piensas que regreses?

It's hard (difficult) for him to swim

es difícil que nade

It's important that he speak

es importante que hable

it's necessary for him to rest

es necesario que descanse

without you preparing (Sra. Ortega)

sin que prepare

it's possible that he'll paint

es posible que pinte

so that I surprise

para que sorprenda

before I study

antes que estudie

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