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Russian Words for Food II

You should know that food can calm people down if you are going to save the world. These are very important types of food in Russian. Yakov will help you learn them in Russian with the more than enjoyable flash cards below, and then you can quiz yourself with the dangerously addictive Lingo Dingo review game!

Russian Mini Course - Food II









English Russian Roman Spelling
apricot абрикос abrikos
banana банан banan
beans фасоль fasol’
beet свёкла svyokla
butter масло maslo
candy конфета konfeta
flour мука muka
grape виноград vinograd
honey мёд myod
jam Варенье джем Varenye djem
jelly желе zhele
juice сок sok
ketchup кетчуп ketchup
lemon лимон limon
lime лайм laym
mayonnaise майонез mayonez
mustard горчица gorchitza
nut орех orekh
peach персик persik
peanut арахис arakhis
peanut butter арахисовое масло arakhisivoe maslo
pear груша grusha
pineapple ананас ananas
popcorn попкорн popcorn
radish редька red’ka
raisin изюм izyum
tomato помидор pomidor

Learning Russian Food II Words

Now that everyone is calm, take a break and eat. You deserve it world-saver. Come back and return to the Russian words menu for another food list or other topics. If you love to eat and learn Russian, then this is the place for you! The lists of Russian phrases are important, because you might need a bathroom break soon. There is also plenty of Russian language and culture information for you to digest as well.

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