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Visual Link® Languages

Saving the World One Language at a Time

Visual Link® Languages was created by the U.S. Institute of Languages and exists to help people bridge communication gaps and to give back to the world in which we live.


The company was formed in 1995 and created the Visual Link™ Spanish Course - the best method in the world for learning languages (according to our customers). . Visual Link® and its free language learning lessons on its websites has been used by millions of individuals in over 130 countries worldwide. Visual Link® has also been taught at government agencies, major corporations, secondary schools and universities. This website was created to give people a free option to learn a language. It is estimated that the site will have 6 million visitors per month by the mid-2013.

Visual Link™ Methodology

The Visual Link™ Methodology was developed by David S. Clark, president/director of U.S. Institute of Languages, in 1995/1996.  David led a team of linguists in the perfecting of the method over the next few years.

The Visual Link® Team

David designed and developed the Visual Link® learning system and now leads a team of software developers, marketers and customer service reps who are dedicated to helping their customer become successful in learning new languages.


We hope you enjoy all the free lessons on this site and tell others about it.

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