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Russian Words for Travel

If you could travel the world or save the world, which would you choose? Yakov will help you learn important travel words in Russian with the more than enjoyable flash cards below, and then you can quiz yourself with the dangerously addictive Lingo Dingo review game!

Russian Mini Course - Travel









English Russian Roman Spelling
airport аэропорт aeroport
baggage багаж bagazh
boat лодка lodka
bus station автобусная станция avtobusnaya stantziya
cable троллейбус trolleybus
carry on ручная кладь ruchnaya klad’
check-in регистрация прибытия registratziya pribytiya
check-out регистрация отбытия registratziya otbytiya
departure вылет vylet
flight полёт polyot
gate ворота vorota
hotel гостиница gostinitza
kiosk киоск kiosk
landing посадка posadka
line очередь ochered’
metal detector металлодетектор metallodetektor
platform платформа platforma
room Номер \ комната Nomer / komnata
runway взлётно-посадочная полоса vzlyotno-posadochnaya polosa
security guard охранник okhrannik
ship корабль korabl’
subway подземный переход podzemniy perexod
suitcase чемодан chemodan
takeoff взлёт vzlyot
terminal терминал terminal
ticket билет bilet

Learning Russian Travel Words

Hopefully you will be able to travel to Russia in your lifetime. When you have mastered these new words, return to the Russian words menu to learn more words. Travel is one of the main reasons to learn Russian. Many of the Russian phrases on the site may be useful to you. It will also serve you well to visit the Russian language section to learn about the Russian culture.

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