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Spanish Sentences

Our main goal is to teach you how to speak in Spanish sentences. This is the unique characteristic of Visual Link® versus those other guys. You will learn how to create Spanish sentences for any situation. Many programs are designed to teach you long lists of words. Not here! Visual Link® wants you to be successful in your everyday life and speak in Spanish sentences. Check out our Common Spanish Sentences and Phrases page or click on the lessons below and see how easy it is!

Spanish Basic Needs Youtube Videos

1. Basic Needs

Learn some basics needs and how to create sentences in Spanish

Spanish Basic Needs Youtube Videos

2. Communication

This lesson teaches you what you need to know to communicate in a conversation

Spanish Basic Needs Youtube Videos

3. Travel

Planning a trip? Learn the sentences you'll need while traveling

Spanish Basic Needs Youtube Videos

4. Locations

Getting around will be easy after you learn these simple Spanish location sentences

Spanish Basic Needs Youtube Videos

5. Becoming Acquainted

Learn to introduce yourself and become aquainted with others

Spanish Basic Needs Youtube Videos

6. Restaurant

This lesson teaches you all the Spanish sentences you'll need when ordering at a restaurant

Our course helps you learn to speak in Spanish sentences!

"About 3 years ago I purchased one of your competitor’s products. I used their product for about 3 months and could do no more than mutter a few works in Spanish. You product had me communicating in sentences within a week. It is amazing that after getting the jump start with your product I was able to go back to those CD’s and actually understand much more. The teaching approach you used in level 1 is by far the best and most effective I have tried. I have completed level 1 and I am now working on your level 2 course."

~ Todd

Learn how to speak in Spanish sentences with Visual Link®

Visual Link® has created the most effective method on the market to teach you how to be truly conversational in Spanish. The method is revolutionary in that it actually teaches you how to make Spanish sentences. By breaking sentences into 3 parts, you are able to see how sentences are created and how to make your own. That’s right, you aren’t memorizing a ton of sentences. We give you the tools necessary to build your own sentences and continue creating sentences with new vocabulary that you may pick up apart from our course. See for yourself how effective this program is by using the lessons above.

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Learning Spanish online is free and easier than you think. Learn hundreds of Spanish Words and how to use them. If you are a teacher, download our free Spanish PowerPoint lessons. Learning Spanish online can be fun and easy. You can learn from home or practically anywhere you want! There are plenty of reasons to Learn Spanish. In fact, many companies want you to be able to speak the Spanish language. Online Spanish learning is fun and effortless with these interactive lessons. Feel confident when speaking to native speakers. Don’t put it off any longer; learn how to speak Spanish free online today, and you'll be fluent in no time!

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