How Will You Spend $350-2,000?

Have you ever wondered why it costs so much for language-learning software programs? You could pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to learn a language through software, the classroom and/or tutors. For the most part, spending money to educate yourself is a good thing. Realize, however, that the internet can transform the way you learn and how much you pay for your learning experience. I encourage you to take a moment and browse and discover what you can learn for free in 8 languages.

Since you may not need to spend so much money with software and classes anymore, how else would you spend $350-2,000? This could be the difference between you having a good vacation and a GREAT vacation. Use the money to travel to a foreign country and have a true ‘immersion’ experience. Allow yourself to be completely immersed in the new language, new people and the new culture.

Your goal to learn a new language should not change. How you spend your money should change. How are you going to spend the $350-2,000 you will save by not purchasing software, taking classes or paying for tutors? Please answer this by commenting below.

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