Top Ten Secrets of Learning a Foreign Language: Tip #2

Tip #2 of Learning a Foreign Language:

Visualization – As humans, we link the words we use to pictures; for example, if I said the word “shoes” you would maybe think of your favorite pair of shoes or possibly the ones you have on. When you learn new foreign language words, it’s important to link them with pictures so they can start penetrating your long-term memory. If you link the new words you learn to pictures, instead of having to translate from English to the foreign language, you can instantly recall what you’ve learned as your mind links the picture to the word you need to use. Repetition, the next key, along with pictures, helps words to be retained in your long-term memory better, faster and longer. Also, if the pictures you use with this technique have some type of motion or movement and represent something out of the ordinary, you will learn and retain new words longer and faster. This cuts down on your study time and makes it possible to learn more words in a shorter period of time. Remember – visualize words with action, emotion and connect them with something out of the ordinary.

Take Care my friends – we’ll see you back next week for Tip #3!

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