Learn Spanish on Facebook Fiesta Friday – May 28th: Photo Week!

Lesson: Photo Week – How to Describe Photos Using Characteristics in Spanish

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Be sure and watch this lesson so you can learn to describe characteristics in Spanish. With the link below, you’ll get a free download of the Characteristics section of the Visual Link Spanish Level I course. The lesson above describes how to use it. (The complete Level I Visual Link™ Spanish software goes much more in-depth on how to describe things in Spanish and how to use the section.) Following, is a link to the Describing Characteristics section of the course:

Visual Link Langauges – Spanish – Describing Characteristics

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Important Note: This site is just being built and is not fully functional yet. In the next month or so, you’ll have to check back and take a look!

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  • Gail May 27th, 2010 at 19:17

    There seems to be no sound with this video.

  • Spanish Immersion June 9th, 2010 at 11:21

    Great contribution! It’s always nice to see people working for free to make others speak Spanish!

    On website of MemoFrases you can download (free, see below!) the Accelerated Spanish MemoFrases. The MemoFrases are intended to help you speed up and reinforce your Spanish learning. It will show you how to use regular and irregular verbs, ser and estar, and a lot of other useful things, such as introducing yourself, asking for directions etc. Over 500 standard Spanish sentences, covering all tenses and the 1,500 most important Spanish words.

    You can currently download the MemoFrases for free from the Anders Languages website. To find the download link, enter the Anders Languages site ( http://www.anderslanguages.com ), choose “Spanish immersion”, click on whatever link and on the following pages you will find on the right side the MemoFrases banner for the free download.

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