Learn Spanish – Pet Week! – Facebook Fiesta Friday: July 2, 2010

Spanish Lesson: Share information about your pets

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Watch this lesson and learn how to tell us about your pet(s):

I have a pet Tengo una mascota
I have … Tengo …
…a dog …un perro
…a cat …un gato
… a bird …un pájaro
…a fish …un pez
…a mouse …un ratoncito
…a guinea pig …un cuy
…un serpiente …a snake
It is… Es…
…big …grande
…small …pequeño/a

To learn colors, go to: http://www.visuallinklanguages.com/spanish-words/colors.php

Homeschoolers and parents, please join us at Facebook.com/visuallinkspanishhomeschool

Future Facebook Fiesta Friday Topics:

July 9nd – Share information about your favorite foods – from the country you live in as well as favorite Latin American or Spain dishes. You can even share a recipe; if you can figure out how to on Facebook (This idea from Facebook Fiesta Friday member Hugh Dalton)

July 16th – Share information about where you want to travel – (This idea was from Facebook Fiesta Friday member Mike Lalmeta)

July 23rd – Tell us about your interests and hobbies (This idea was from Facebook Fiesta Friday member Christine Cunningham Roof)

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  • Pauline July 2nd, 2010 at 01:33

    is it possible to get a translation button put on the wall entries?
    Sometimes whilst I am able to read some words, I do get stuck
    and don’t think this then helps.
    Also, where entries have used the wrong words- are these corrected? As if not
    wouldn’t this confuse learners?

    • Dave Clark July 21st, 2010 at 17:11

      Hola Pauline,

      That’s a great question. Google does have a toolbar with a translate option you could try out. Just type in “google toolbar” in google and download it. Then, once it’s installed, under “adjust toolbar options” (icon: a little wrench), select translate and select the right language. Let me know if it works. Also, about your question of the wrong words, unfortunately, if others put in wrong words, we don’t have a way to correct it. However, if you watch our blog lesson every week, and go through the http://www.visuallinklanguages.com free lessons, you’ll learn a whole bunch of “correct” words. Also, if you use our Level I course, you’ll learn how to put words together into sentences. Hopefully that answers your questions.

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