Learn Spanish – Video Week – Facebook Fiesta Friday: June 17, 2010

Spanish Lesson: Video Week Watch a Spanish Conversation and Learn from it.

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Watch this lesson and learn some basics in conversation. Here are some key phrases mentioned in the video:

What do you like to do? ¿Qué te gusta hacer?
good question buena pregunta
I like to exercise Me gusta hacer ejercicio
What sports to you like to do? ¿Qué deportes te gusta hacer?
What sport do you play best? ¿Qué deporte juegas major?
Tell me about your family. Cuéntame de tu familia.
There are ten kids in our family (We are ten kids.) Somos diez hijos.
It’s a very big family. Es una familia muy grande.
As you can imagine, there’s a lot of noise at my house. Imagínate, hay mucho ruido en mi casa.
What number are you in the family? ¿Qué número eres tú en la familia?
I like to read audio books. Me gusta leer libros de audio.
I like to go cycling (do cycling)? Me gusta hacer ciclismo.
It’s been a pleasure. Ha sido un gusto.

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NEW Last Week!!: Click above on the dictionary emage to see our dictionary

Important Note: This site is just being built and is not fully functional yet. In the next month or so, you’ll have to check back and take a look!

Future Facebook Fiesta Friday Topics:

June 25th – Tell about an experience you had in practicing Spanish (this gives you time to build up the courage to have a conversation with a native speaker – they are always super nice to talk to. You can say “Estoy aprendiendo español (I’m learnin Spanish) ¿Puede ayudarme con mi español? (Can you help me with my Spanish?)

July 2nd – Share information about your favorite foods – from the country you live in as well as favorite Latin American or Spain dishes. You can even share a recipe; if you can figure out how to on Facebook (This idea from Facebook Fiesta Friday member Hugh Dalton)

July 7th – Share information about our pets – types, sizes, colors and tell us about their personalities. (This idea was from Facebook Fiesta Friday member Nichole Bishop)

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