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Some Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

by Jake Beus July 30th, 2010 More

Some reasons to learn a foreign language are obvious, while others may be new to you. Some obvious reasons are traveling, meeting new people, and improving your work life. With a little help from Brent White, Elise Taylor, and Miranda Gennaro, I’d like to focus on the less obvious reasons, and let me know what you think:

  • Understand what’s being said about you when you’re sure it’s not good.
  • Understand what your fortune cookie really means.
  • Be able to talk to your mail order bride.
  • Don’t accidentally order something wrong at a restaurant.
  • You can turn off subtitles on foreign movies.
  • Swear in front of your kids without them knowing it.
  • Know what your Japanese tattoo really means.
  • Get better technical support.
  • Celebrate more holidays.
  • Confuse telemarketers or anyone you’re trying to avoid.
  • Get better scores at Scrabble.
  • Get out of embarrassing situations by acting like you don’t know English.

Can you think of any more reasons to learn a foreign language? Which reason is your favorite?

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