• Free Online Library Resource

    Libraries are dealing with huge budget decreases. This has led to layoffs, a decrease in services, and shorter library hours. Perhaps this is a time for libraries and librarians to offer more online services. We have created a very large website where people can learn English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, German, and Russian for free. We are trying to reach out to libraries and librarians so they can be aware of this free resource. Please help us reach out to them so library patrons can take advantage of this free website:  Visual Link Languages A few librarians and libraries who have a large following include: @ALA_PLA @LibraryJournal @LibrarySecrets @Librarian Who are some more of the big influencers in the library community?

  • Free Language Learning Resource For Libraries

    Budget cuts are affecting libraries in a big way in this economy. Many library employees and even librarians have lost their jobs. A large number of libraries are offering more services online in order to save money. Libraries offer free resources to everyone in a community, regardless of income or race. Everyone has an equal opportunity to become educated. Here at Visual Link Languages™, we realize the important impact a library can have on a community. We want to help libraries cut costs without cutting jobs. We understand the importance of free resources libraries can offer, especially in this day and age. We are trying to reach out to libraries and librarians to offer them a free resource for their patrons. As a resource on a library website, they could …

  • How Long Does it Take to Learn a New Language?

    Have you ever asked someone: “How long does it take to learn a new language?” If you have asked more than one person, it is likely you have received a different answer each time. If all the answers were the same, it’s probably because you were told that “it depends”. Of course, when you consider learning a new language, there are various factors to consider. What resources do I have? We believe there is no substitution for complete immersion in a language. If you can move to a different country and be completely immersed, do it. Since that is not possible for everyone, Visual Link Language™ has created a method called Immersion 2.0. You use your native language and a moving image to learn a new word or phrase, then …

  • Utah High School Contest

    We are excited about the Utah high school contest. This is the page that the students will visit to view their YouTube video and eventually win free software to learn Spanish for their school. This is an effort for us to give back to the community and help bridge communication gaps. Visit our homepage to learn a foreign language. But first, enjoy this video about our efforts to give back as well as recognition of your efforts to do the same: