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Utah High School Contest

by Jake Beus August 11th, 2010 More

We are excited about the Utah high school contest. This is the page that the students will visit to view their YouTube video and eventually win free software to learn Spanish for their school. This is an effort for us to give back to the community and help bridge communication gaps. Visit our homepage to learn a foreign language. But first, enjoy this video about our efforts to give back as well as recognition of your efforts to do the same:

utah high school contest ,

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    The students can learn about the Utah high school contest from online. The video have explained in great manner. The effort and learn as foreign languages also. The communication problems are reduced and get free software from official website. The Spanish and English languages softwares are used and spread as popularly. The YouTube video is given some of guides and actual range of learning process for the students. The recognition and efforts are taken for collecting more points

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