Spanish Movie Day | Facebook Fiesta Friday | August 13, 2010

Spanish Movie Week! Come Tell Us About Your Favorite Movie in Spanish!

Spanish Lesson: Movie Week

Come Practice Your Spanish with us Weekly on Facebook!

Join us at Facebook Fiesta Friday

Watch this lesson (above) and learn how to tell us about your favorite movie:

My favorite movie is… Mi película favorita es…
It is a _______movie Es una película…
…funny …chistosa
…serious …seria
…romantic …romántica
…action …de acción
…horror …de horror
It’s a documentary Es un documental
I like it because… Me gusta porque…
…it’s fun …es divertida
…it’s interesting …es interesante
…it’s like real life …es como la vida real
…it takes me to another world …me lleva a otro mundo
…it gets me excited/pumped up …me da ánimo

To learn over 1,400 words in Spanish free, take a look at our Learn Spanish web page.

Future Facebook Fiesta Friday Topics:

August 20th – We’d love to hear positive influence Spanish has had in your life. Or How have you improved the world?

Have you done a:

  • Service Mission?
  • Helped build a new hospital?
  • Met a new friend?
  • Did you save someone from being hit by a bus because you knew Spanish?

August 27, 2010 – Music Week – Come share your favorite music (English or Spanish!)

September 3, 2010 – Spanish Slang week – learn some fun Spanish slang on our Spanish slang page and practice Spanish with us.

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