Spanish Music | Facebook Fiesta Friday | August 26, 2010

Spanish Music: Music Week – Come Share on Facebook Fiesta Friday!

Spanish Lesson: Music Week in Spanish

This Week: Learn vocab, see me (Dave) in nerd glasses, and listen to our guest video blogger – Josh Wouden, from our office, play a Spanish song!

Come Practice Your Spanish with us Weekly on Facebook!

Join us at Facebook Fiesta Friday

Come share your favorite type of music and artists with us on Facebook Fiesta Friday. The music you share doesn’t have to be Spanish music, however, please share information about your favorite music in Spanish.

I like… Me gusta…
rock music música rock
classical music música clásica
alternative music música alternativa
latin music música Latina
Mexican music música Mexicana
salsa music música salsa
merengue music música merengue
tango music música tango
My favorite music group is… Mi grupo favorito de música es…
My favorite song is… Mi canción favorita es…

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Future Facebook Fiesta Friday Topics:

September 3, 2010 – Spanish Slang week – learn some fun Spanish slang on our Spanish slang page and practice Spanish with us.

September 10, 2010 – Clothes week – come talk about your favorite clothes, your favorite style of clothes, your favorite color of clothes or even share a picture of your favorite shirt, shoes, etc. (as always – family-friendly please :-))

September 17, 2010 – Weather week – It’s ok to talk about the weather on Facebook Fiesta Friday – especially if you do it in Spanish. We want to know how the weather is on the 17th as well as in general where you live. Come share!

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