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The Seasons in Spanish

by Jake Beus November 12th, 2010 More

Spanish Seasons Video Lesson

Spanish Lesson: The Seasons

This Spanish lesson about the seasons will prepare you for Facebook Fiesta Friday. You will be able to share what your favorite season of the year is, why it’s your favorite, and what you usually like to do in that season.

Join us for Facebook Fiesta Friday.

Also, be sure to visit our Spanish words and Spanish phrases pages to help prepare you to share on Facebook. Those pages will teach you more vocabulary.

Here is a little vocabulary to get you started:

the fall el otoño
the winter el invierno
the spring la primavera
the summer el verano
What is your favorite season? ¿Cuál es tu temporada favorita?
Why is it your favorite season? ¿Por qué es tu temporada favorita?
What do you like to do in that season? ¿Qué te gusta hacer en esa temporada?
My favorite season is summer because… Mi temporada favorita es el verano porque…
because I like the cold weather porque me gusta el frío
because I like the heat porque me gusta el calor
I like to lay out on the beach. Me gusta acostarme en la playa.
I like to ride horses. Me gusta montar a caballo.
I like to eat outside. Me gusta comer afuera.

Poco a poco (little by little) these video lessons will help you to learn Spanish, and you’ll be able to confidently speak with others.

Future Facebook Fiesta Friday Topics:

November 19, 2010 – Things I’m Thankful For – In the spirit of Thanksgiving, tell us what you are thankful for.

November 26, 2010 – Embarrassing Moments – Come share an embarrassing experience you have had while learning Spanish.

December 3, 2010 – Things That Must Go – This is your chance to complain about things that bug you, but you have to explain in Spanish.

Learn Spanish Lesson - Facebook Fiesta Friday

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