Shopping in Spanish | Facebook Friday Video Lesson

Shopping in Spanish Video Lesson

Spanish Lesson: Spanish Restaurant Info

This Spanish lesson about shopping will prepare you for Facebook Fiesta Friday. You will be able to share whether or not you like shopping, what you like to purchase, and what your favorite store is.

Join us for Facebook Fiesta Friday.

Also, be sure to visit our Spanish at the Mall and Spanish Clothes pages to help prepare you to share on Facebook. Those pages will teach you more vocabulary.

Here is a little vocabulary to get you started:

I like to go shopping. Me gusta ir de compras.
I don’t like to go shopping. No me gusta ir de compras.
I like to go shopping because… Me gusta ir de compras porque…
I love shoes. Me encantan los zapatos.
I like to find the good deals. Me gusta encontrar las gangas.
I don’t like to go shopping because… No me gusta ir de compras porque…
it’s boring es aburrido/a
you have to walk too much hay que caminar demasiado.
I like to buy… Me gusta comprar…
shoes los zapatos
jackets las chaquetas
dresses los vestidos
My favorite store is… Mi tienda favorita es…

Poco a poco (little by little) these video lessons will help you to learn Spanish and be able to confidently speak with others.

Future Facebook Fiesta Friday Topics:

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November 12, 2010 – Favorite Season – come tell us about your favorite season and why it’s your favorite. What do you like to do at that time of year?

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