How to Turn Motivation into Celebration

What gets you motivated? What gets you super-pumped and excited? What events cause celebration in your life? Take a moment and really think about those questions. It may even be helpful to write down your answers. I’d like to take a moment and answer those question for myself, and together I hope we can learn how to turn motivation into celebration.

What gets you motivated? For me, the answer to that question depends on what the goal is. In my life, I usually see or experience something that motivates me and gives me the desire to set a goal and achieve it. For example, I have seen a healthy transformation in my father. For years, he could not sleep in a bed because he would get heartburn every night due to his diet and lack of exercise. He has completely changed his diet, eats much healthier and does his best to avoid eating late at night. He also spends more time exercising than he used to. He has lost weight, feels better and is happier because of this change. His discipline has motivated me to eat healthier, exercise more and be more disciplined in general.

I have also been motivated by others and their desire and commitment to learning, whether it be learning a new language, learning how to wake board or learning how to make homemade pizza. People in my life who are consistently learning seem to live more fulfilling lives. There is a certain excitement that comes from learning from life’s experiences, whether they be your own or someone else’s.

What gets you super-pumped and excited? I have a little brother who is talented in basketball and football, and I get excited watching him score touchdowns, make tackles and swish 3-pointers. I get excited when great things happen to the people close to me, whether it’s a buddy of mine who meets a great girl or someone does well on a test. I get excited when things go right for me, whether it’s finding a solution to a problem or just being blessed with unique opportunities. There are lots of things that make me super-pumped.

What events cause celebration in your life? This question is very similar to the previous question, but there is also a difference. For me, the difference is that excitement can be random and celebration usually is a result of hard work. That being said, here are 2 quotes that I really like regarding celebration:

“Remember to celebrate with others those things you have accomplished together. Celebration creates unity and strengthens relationships.”

“Celebrate every small victory.”

I am a celebrator. I think that people don’t celebrate enough, and perhaps I celebrate too much. If I want to be a millionaire, am I only going to celebrate as soon as I make that first million? No. My philosophy is to celebrate the little things that will ultimately help you achieve your goal. Celebration and motivation are closely tied. Celebrating the small things has helped me to enjoy the journey and stay motivated to keep working toward goals.

How to turn motivation into celebration:  The simple answer is hard work. For me, it’s a cycle of never-ending fun and excitement. This cycle begins as motivation, which translates into hard work, which leads to multiple, small celebrations, which keeps me motivated, which keeps me working, which leads to more celebration. I met a professor at a prestigious university who taught me that when working toward a goal, I should plan, do, evaluate and learn; then plan, do evaluate and learn. I would add celebrate into that cycle of progression, which will ultimately help me to continue the cycle of progression.

One of my favorite movies is Rudy. If you’ve never seen the movie, I highly encourage you to watch it. This is the final scene of Rudy, which is a celebration of a great moment that is a result of years of hard work. It’s obviously a dramatic celebration, but think about how you might celebrate more as you watch it. Enjoy:



What is something you should be celebrating in your life? Please login and comment below. I’m gonna go celebrate the completion of this post.

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    Motivation should start with hardwork. We usually put motivation first before doing hard work, but I always think the other way around.

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    Once you go back to your motivations everytime you feel disappointed or discourage, you will surely win more battles in life.
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    Motivation is an important life skill. The reason it’s important is that every person on this earth is unique and has a purpose. To steward your purpose well, you have to be motivated to work towards your goals which helps your dreams become a reality.

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