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Learn Dutch

Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands, also spoken in former Dutch colonies (Aruba, Sint Maarten, Suriname, Curaçao and more). Learning this European language is easy, so why not make an effort to understand the locals during your next trip to Amsterdam? We have picked the most useful words, verbs and phrases to help you start learning Dutch – for absolutely free.

Dutch Words

Learn most common Dutch words we have picked out for you, and you will understand some phrases and sentences you read in Dutch or hear from native speakers.

English Dutch Pronunciation
Yesterday gisteren GHIS-tuh-ruhn
Today vandaag vahn-DAHG
Tomorrow morgen MORE-ghun
The day after tomorrow overmorgen O-vuhr-more-ghun
Last week vorige week VOH-ruh-ghuh WAKE
This week deze week DAY-zuh WAKE
Next week volgende week VOL-ghun-duh WAKE
Monday maandag MAHN-dahg
Tuesday dinsdag DINSS-dahg
Wednesday woensdag WOONS-dahg
Thursday donderdag DON-duhr-dahg
Friday vrijdag VRAY-dahg
Saturday zaterdag ZAH-tuhr-dahg
Sunday zondag ZON-dahg
Black zwart ZWAHRT
White wit WHIT
Gray grijs GREYS
Red rood ROWT
Blue blauw BLAW
Yellow geel GHAYL
Green groen GHROON
Orange oranje oh-RAHN-yuh
Purple paars PAHRS
Brown bruin BRUYN
Coffee koffie coffee
Tea thee tay
Juice sap sahp
Soda water spuitwater SPUYT-wah-tuhr
Water water WAH-tuhr
Beer bier beer
Red/white wine rode/witte wijn ROH-duh/WIH-tuh waiyn

Dutch Phrases

These Dutch phrases help you start a basic conversation, ask and answer simple questions, and get round the city.

English Dutch Pronunciation
Hello Hallo HAH-low
How are you? Hoe maakt u het? hoo MAHKT uu hut?
Fine, thank you Goed, dank u GOOT dahnk uu
What is your name? Hoe heet u? hoo HAYT uu?
My name is ______ Mijn naam is ______ meyn NAHM is _____
Nice to meet you Aangenaam kennis te maken AHN-guh-nahm KEH-nis tuh MAH-kun
Please Alstublieft AHL-stuu-BLEEFT
Thank you Dank u DAHNK uu
You're welcome Graag gedaan GRAHG guh-DAHN
Yes Ja YAH
No Nee NAY
Excuse me Neemt u mij niet kwalijk naymt uu mey neet KWAH-luk
Goodbye Tot ziens TOT seens
I can't speak Dutch Ik spreek geen Nederlands ick SPRAYK gayn NAY-dur-lahnts
I can't speak Dutch well Ik spreek niet goed Nederlands ick SPRAYK neet goot NAY-dur-lahnts
Do you speak English? Spreekt u Engels? SPRAYKT uu ENG-uls?
Is there someone here who speaks English? Spreekt hier iemand Engels? SPRAYKT heer EE-mahnt ENG-uls?
Help! Help! HEHLP!
Good morning Goedemorgen GOO-duh-MORE-gun
Good afternoon Goedemiddag GOO-duh-MIH-dahgh
Good evening Goedenavond Goo-duh-NAH-vunt
Good night Goede nacht Goo-duh-NAHGt
Good night (to sleep) Slaap lekker SLAHP LECK-uhr
I don't understand Ik begrijp het niet ick buh-GRAYP hut neet
Where is the toilet? Waar is het toilet? wahr is hut twah-LET?
I need your help Ik heb uw hulp nodig ick HEP uu HULP noh-duhg
It's an emergency Het is een noodgeval hut IS uhn NOWT-guh-vahl
I'm lost Ik ben verdwaald ck BEN vuhr-DWAHLT
I need a doctor Ik heb een dokter nodig ick hep uhn DOCK-tuhr no-duhg
Can I use your phone? Mag ik uw telefoon gebruiken? MAHG ick uu tay-lay-PHOHN ghuh-BROWK-kuhn

Dutch Verbs

We have picked some common Dutch verbs to help you build your first sentences in Dutch. Tell your friends what you do, like and want in Dutch!

English Dutch English Dutch
Yesterday gisteren GHIS-tuh-ruhn gisteren
To ask vragen To buy kopen
To close sluiten To come komen
To cook koken To do doen
To drink drinken To eat eten
To give geven To go gaan
To know weten To learn leren
To listen luisteren To meet voldoen
To open openen To read lezen
To run lopen To say zeggen
To see zien To sell verkopen
To sit zitten To smile lachen
To stand up staan To study studeren
To swim zwemmen To take nemen
To talk praten To teach geven
To understand begrijpen To use gebruiken

Dutch Culture

Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands, and is also spoken in former Dutch colonies, including Aruba, Sint Maarten, Suriname Curaçao, Flanders, Sint Maarten and Suriname. The language is also understood and spoken by many people in Belgium. In some regions of Germany, Dutch dialects are spoken.

The Netherlands are nested on the seashore, and historically this was the land of ports, merchants and immigrants. All of these factors are reflected in the Dutch culture with its diversities and regional differences. In Dutch culture, diversity and tolerance are regarded as top values, so everyone feels comfortable in this country.

Over the centuries, Dutch culture has been known for advances in art, architecture, music, technology and literature. Dutch art is best known for the Dutch Golden Age painting that united a number of schools and artists, including Rembrandt, Vermeer, Frans Halsm, Joachim von Sandrart, Jan Steen, and many more. Later, the Netherlands became one of the centers for impressionism, with Vincent van Gogh being the most famous Dutch impressionist.

Many aspects of the Dutch culture, such as holidays, cuisine, traditions and preferred pastime vary significantly depending on the region – except, perhaps main Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter, widely celebrated everywhere. When it comes to smaller occasions, the Netherlands boast a diverse culture, with a variety of local festivals, carnivals and traditions that differ from province to province. The best way to experience this country is to travel, which is especially exciting if you speak a bit of Dutch.

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