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Swedish has a unique history dating back to the 15th century. It is the language that has been uniquely preserved and is spoken freely throughout the country, and thanks to the zeal of the government and the people, it has become a common language.

Swedish is a great language to start your learning journey! Since it refers to the Indo-European language family and belongs to the North Germanic branch, it’s the official language in Sweden. In addition, it has a legal standing along with Finnish as well. One of the most amazing things that you need to know is that speaking Swedish, you can communicate with native speakers from Denmark and Norway without barriers. Due to the close geographical location, the languages of these countries are similar and by learning Swedish, you learn three languages at once!

About 10.5 million people speak Swedish worldwide, and the majority of them are Swedish residents (almost 90%), while the rest live in the USA, Canada, Norway, Estonia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Peculiar Features

Each language that you start learning has its own peculiarities, and Swedish is not an exception. Here are some features that you need to know before delving into the world of the Swedish language. The letter ‘S’ prevails, as most Swedish words begin with it. Swedish is similar to English by one feature – a minority of words begins with letters ‘Q’ and ‘X’. There is no verb conjugation (instead of using “am/is/are”, you use “är”). The definite articles are placed after the noun (though in English they are used before the noun). Thus, “the dog” is “hunden” in Swedish (Hund – noun, en – definite article). What may surprise while learning the Swedish language is the absence of the word “please”. You need to find your own way for that. For example, you can convey this with the respectful tone of your voice, or you can say “thank you” with the word “tack”. In fact, there’s no direct way to translate the word “please” in Swedish.

Learn Swedish Online

Start learning Swedish for free today. Why not join 10 million Swedish speakers? This Scandinavian language is easy and fun to learn; you will be able to start a basic Swedish conversation in no time. This website equips language learners like you with the most useful words, phrases, and verbs, as well as some Swedish culture tips to help you explore this language. You will be sure that online self-study can be effective and interesting.