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No matter whether you are going to travel to Turkey and see its breathtaking landscapes or you are planning to do business there, as this is a country with a rapidly growing economy, or you are going to learn a new language that is compared to the game “LEGO”, then Turkish is what you need right now!

Turkish is widely spoken in Turkey and Cyprus where it has its official status and in some districts in Kosovo as well. Outside Turkey, the language is spoken in the countries that were formerly the part of the Ottoman Empire. Such countries include Serbia, Bulgaria, Iraq, Romania, among many. Along with that, Turkish diasporas exist in the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

Turkish is spoken by 88 million people throughout the world. This number includes 75.7 million native speakers and around 12 million of those who learn it as a second language.

Peculiar Features

In the 20th century, the Latin alphabet was adopted in Turkish and replaced the Ottoman Turkish one. Now it includes 29 letters. The vowels are placed in their alphabetical order: -a-, -e-, -ı-, -i-, -o-, -ö-, -u-, -ü-. Turkish is an agglutinative language, as it resembles the game "LEGO", as the complex words are built by adding morphemes. For example: evlerinizden – ev-ler-iniz-den (house-plural-your-from) and means "from your houses". Suffixes and endings are used to indicate tenses, cases, conditions. The language is characterized by the vowel harmony. It is the principle that the native Turkish word includes either exclusively back vowels (-a-, -ı-, -o- and –u-), or exclusively front vowels (-e-, -i-, -ö- and –ü-). The word order in the sentences is the same as in Latin or Korean: Subject-Object-Verb.

The Turkish vocabulary contains 104,481 words, of which about 86% are native and 14% are of foreign origin. Turkish has influenced English, as the following words are of Turkish origin: divan, kayak, kebab, kiosk, pilaf, and yogurt.

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