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Greek is the modern language of the country with ancient history, traditions and architecture - Greece. This country is a dream-come-true vacation destination that combines idyllic beaches, small towns, historic attractions, hospitable people and some of the world's best food.

If you want to learn Greek, we've got some great news for you! This language is very logical and easy to learn. Secondly, this website has everything you need to start learning Greek today – absolutely free of charge. We have compiled some of the most useful vocabulary, so you can start speaking Greek in a matter of days.

Greek Words

Get the most useful Greek words, days of week, months and more. We have compiled some basic easy to memorize vocabulary every beginner needs.

English Greek Pronunciation
1 ένας/μία/ένα EH-nahs / MEE-ah / EH-nah
2 δύο DHEE-oh
3 τρεις/τρια trees / TREE-ah
4 τέσσερις/τέσσερα TESS-a-reess / TESS-a-rah
5 πέντε PEN-deh
6 έξι EH-xee
7 επτά ep-TAH
8 οκτώ okh-TOH
9 εννέα en-EH-ah
10 δέκα DHEH-kah
Now τώρα TOH-rah
Later αργότερα ar-GHOH-teh-rah
Before πριν preen
Morning πρωί proh-EE
Afternoon απόγευμα a-POH-yev-ma
Evening βράδυ VRAH-thee
Night νύχτα NEE-htah
Today σήμερα SEE-meh-ra
Yesterday χτες khtes
Tomorrow αύριο AHV-ree-oh
Sunday Κυριακή kee-ree-ah-KEE
Monday Δευτέρα dhef-TEH-rah
Tuesday Τρίτη TREE-tee
Wednesday Τετάρτη teh-TAR-tee
Thursday Πέμπτη PEM-tee
Friday Παρασκευή pah-rah-skeh-VEE
Saturday Σάββατο SAH-vah-toh
January Ιανουάριος Eea-NOOAH-reeos
February Φεβρουάριος fe-VROOAH-reeos
March Μάρτιος MAHR-teeos
April Απρίλιος ah-PREE-leeos
May Μάϊος MAH-yos
June Ιούνιος ee-OOH-neeos
July Ιούλιος ee-OOH-leeos
August Αύγουστος AHV-ghoo-stos
September Σεπτέμβριος sep-TEHM-vreeos
October Οκτώβριος ok-TOH-vreeos
November Νοέμβριος noh-EM-vreeos
December Δεκέμβριος the-KHEM-vreeos

Greek Phrases

Learn Greek greetings, popular expressions, common questions and everything you need to carry on a basic conversation in Greek.

English Greek Pronunciation
Hello (formal) Γεια σας YAH sahss
Hello (informal) Γεια σου YAH soo
How are you? Τι κάνετε; tee KAH-neh-teh?
Fine, thank you [And you?] Καλά, ευχαριστώ [Και εσείς;] kah-LAH ef-khah-rees-TOH [keh eh-SEES?]
What is your name? Πώς σε λένε; pohs seh LEH-neh?
My name is ______ Με λένε ______ / Ονομάζομαι _____ Με LE-neh _____ / Ono-MAH-zo-meh ____
Nice to meet you Χάρηκα / Χαίρω πολύ HA-ree-ka / ΗEH-ro po-LEE
Please Παρακαλώ pah-rah-kah-LOH
Thank you [very much] Ευχαριστώ [πολύ] ef-hah-rees-TOH [po-LEE]
You're welcome Παρακαλώ Pah-rah-kah-LOH
Yes Ναι / Μάλιστα (polite) neh / MAH-li-sta
No Όχι OH-hee
Excuse me (getting attention) Συγγνώμη / Με συγχωρείτε See-GHNO-mee / Meh seen-ho-REE-teh
Excuse me (begging pardon) Συγγνώμη See-GHNO-mee
I'm sorry Λυπάμαι lee-PAH-meh
See you later Τα λέμε Ta LE-me
Goodbye Αντίο AHN-dee-oh
I can't speak Greek [well] Δεν μιλώ (καλά) ελληνικά dhen mee-LOH KAH-lah eh-lee-nee-KAH
Do you speak English? Μιλάτε αγγλικά; mee-LAH-teh ang-glee-KAH?
Is there someone here who speaks English? Μιλάει κανείς εδώ αγγλικά; Mee-LAH-ee ka-NEES e-DHO ang-glee-KAH?
Help! Βοήθεια! Voh-EE-thee-yah!
Good day Καλημέρα kah-lee-MEH-rah
Good evening Καλησπέρα kah-lee-SPEH-rah
Good night Καληνύχτα kah-lee-NEEKΗ-tah
I don't understand Δεν καταλαβαίνω dhen kah-tah-lah-VEH-no
Where is the toilet? Που είναι η τουαλέτα; poo ΕΕ-ne ee too-ah-LEH-tah?
I love you Σ'αγαπώ sa-gha-POH
You are beautiful/handsome Είσαι όμορφη/όμορφος EE-seh OH-mor-fee/OH-mor-fos
You have nice eyes Έχεις ωραία μάτια E-khees or-EH-ah MA-tiah
Leave me alone Αφήστε με ήσυχο (male)/ ήσυχη (female) a-FIS-te me EE-si-kho
I need your help Χρειάζομαι την βοήθειά σας hreeh-AH-zoh-meh teen voh-EEH-thih-AH sas
I need a doctor Χρειάζομαι γιατρό hree-AH-zoh-meh yiah-TROH
Can I use your phone? Μπορώ να χρησιμοποιήσω το τηλέφωνό σας; mboh-ROH nah khree-see-moh-pee-EEH-soh toh tee-LEH-foh-NOH sahs?

Greek Verbs

Learn some of the most used Greek verbs to build your first sentences in Greek, tell about yourself, and understand Greek native speakers.

English Greek English Greek
To ask να ρωτήσω To buy Για να αγοράσετε
To close Για να κλείσετε To come Για να έρθετε
To cook Για να μαγειρέψετε To do Για να το κάνετε
To drink Για να πιείτε To eat Για να φάει
To give Για να δώσουμε To go Για να μεταβείτε
To know Για να ξέρετε To learn Για να μάθετε
To listen Για να ακούσετε To meet να ανταποκριθεί
To open Για να ανοίξετε To read Για να διαβάσετε
To run Για να εκτελέσετε To say Για να πω
To see Για να δείτε To sell Για να πωλούν
To sit να καθίσει To smile να χαμογελάσει
To stand up Για να σταθεί To study Για τη μελέτη
To swim Για να κολυμπήσετε To take Για να λάβει
To talk Για να μιλήσουμε To teach Για να διδάξει

Greek Culture

Modern Greek culture is based on the classical culture of the Ancient Greece, influenced by the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Venetian Republic, the British Empire, and more. The Modern Greek culture was fully shaped during the Greek War of Independence, when a modern Greek nation and culture were born.

Greece is the home to the Western culture, democracy and philosophy, as well as humanities and natural sciences. When it comes to art, some bright examples of the ancient Greek architecture and sculpture have been preserved either as originals or Roman copies.

Although Ancient Greeks had a powerful mythology, which was later adapted by the Roman Empire, today most Greeks are Orthodox Christians.

Greek cuisine is based on centuries of traditions of Mediterranean cuisine, where flavors change depending on the season and geography. Greek cuisine is based on the "Mediterranean triad": wheat, olive oil, and wine. Meat and fish are also very common. Contrary to the popular opinion, first pizza was created in Greece, not in Italy. Yet, it never became as popular in Greece as it became in Italy. Modern Greek cuisine has been also influenced by the Ottoman and Italian cuisine due to the Ottoman and Venetian dominance in the region. This is especially noticeable when it comes to spices, for example adding cinnamon to meat, which is a Turkish tradition.

Modern Greece is a beautiful country, with mountains, islands, picturesque blue seas, and friendly and hospitable people. This is a place most definitely worth visiting, and Greek is the language worth learning.

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