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Learn Danish

Did you know that Denmark has the highest rate for the quality of life and happiness in the world? Moreover, this Scandinavian country boasts the unique mix of tradition, new trends and style weaving through all aspects of its life. Start learning Danish today to experience this amazing Nordic culture!

This website provides you with FREE tools for learning Danish. Learn most common words, phrases and expressions in Danish to be able to carry on a basic conversation, and find out more about the Danish culture.

Danish Words

Learn Danish words and use them in daily chats. Learn to answer simple questions in Danish, and carry on basic conversations.

English Danish Pronunciation
Today i dag ee dai
Yesterday i går ee gur
Tomorrow i morgen ee morgen
This week denne uge denne ooye
Last week sidste uge siste
Next week næste uge neste
Monday mandag manay
Tuesday tirsdag tirsdai
Wednesday onsdag onsdai
Thursday torsdag torsdai
Friday fredag fredhai
Saturday lørdag lure'ai
Sunday søndag surnai
Now nu noo
Later senere senere
Before før furr
Morning morgen morEN
Late morning formiddag formidhai
Afternoon eftermiddag eftuhmidhai
Evening aften afDEN
Night nat nad
Black sort Sword
White hvid Vid
Gray grå Gr'oh
Red rød Roll
Blue blå Blow
Yellow gul Gool
Green grøn Gron'
Orange orange Oran'shay
Purple lilla Leela
Brown brun Broon
Left Venstre Venster
Right Højre Hoy'ehr
Forwards Fremad From'ad
Backwards Tilbage Tealbaeeye
Above/over Over Ouh'a
Under(neath) under Oo-nah

Danish Phrases

We have picked the most useful Danish phrases you can learn and use today: greetings, questions, popular idioms and more.

English Danish Pronunciation
Hello Hallo halo
Hello (informal) Hej High
How are you? Hvordan går det? Vor-dan gore d
Fine, thank you Godt, tak Got, tag
That's enough Det er nok deh air knock
What is your name? Hvad hedder du? Vadh header doo
My name is ______ Jeg hedder ______ Yay hedhuh
Nice to meet you Det var rart at møde dig D' vahr rarht add murdhe dah-ee
Please Vær så venlig Ver saw venlee
Thank you Tak Tahg
You're welcome Selv tak seloo tahg
Yes Ja Ya
No Nej Nay
Excuse me (getting attention) Undskyld mig On'skil ma'ee
Excuse me (begging pardon) Undskyld On'skil
I'm sorry Det må du undskylde Dee m'o doo on'skil'eh
Goodbye Farvel favel
Goodbye (informal) Hej hej High High
I can't speak Danish [well] Jeg taler ikke [godt] dansk Ya'ee tailor 'eek'eh got dahnsk
Do you speak English? Taler du engelsk? Tailor doo eng'glsk
Help! Hjælp! Yelp
Look out! Pas på! Pass poh
Good morning (before 10-11am) Godmorgen good' morgen
Good morning (after 10-11am,
but before noon)
Godformiddag good'formidhae
Good evening Godaften good'hafden
Good night Godnat good'hnad
Good night (sleep well) Sov godt saw'oo got
I don't understand jeg forstår ikke Yaye for-store 'ee'eh
Where is the toilet? Hvor er toilettet? War ayer toilede
I need a doctor Jeg har brug for en læge Ya'ee har bro' for en lay'eh
Can I use your phone? Må jeg låne din telefon? Mo' ya'ee lone'eh deen telephon'

Danish Verbs

Learn most common Danish verbs, regular and irregular verb conjugation forms. Danish conjugation is easy, so you'll start using Danish verbs in no time.

English Danish English Danish
To ask at spørge To buy at købe
To close at lukke To come at komme
To cook at lave mad To do at gøre
To drink at drikke To eat at spise
To give at give To go at gå
To know at vide To learn at lære
To listen at lytte To meet at opfylde
To open Sådan åbnes To read Hvis du vil læse
To run Hvis du vil køre To say at sige
To see Hvis du vil se To sell at sælge
To sit at sidde To smile at smile
To stand up At stå op To study at studere
To swim at svømme To take at tage
To talk at tale To teach at undervise

Danish Culture

Danish language belongs to the North Germanic languages and is spoken by around six million people, mainly in Denmark and in the German region of Southern Schleswig. As for other countries, Danish-speaking communities can be found in Norway, Sweden, North and Latin America.

The culture of Denmark is rich and diverse. Like in other Nordic countries, eco-friendly and green ways of life are among the top priorities, with government heavily investing in green construction, manufacturing and sustainable development. Being extremely eco-friendly, Danes are known as avid cyclists, with most people cycling to work instead of driving. Danish cities are very bicycle friendly, and biking is a favorite pastime for many.

Another fundamental aspect of Danish culture is "hygge", which can be translated as "coziness". It means spending quiet time with good friends and family, relaxing and enjoying good food, drinks and atmosphere. For example, Holiday season and Christmas time, a family sitting together by the fireplace on a cold night is a true moment of hygge.

Danish cuisine is most famous for Smørrebrød, open sandwiches with a variety of seasonings and dressing options, traditionally made on thinly sliced rye bread. Grilled sausage is another renowned staple of Danish cuisine.

Around the world, Denmark is known for Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales (and the statue of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen inspired by one of them), Lego and the Legoland park, creative architecture and interior design.

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