French French Greetings

Learn the basic French greetings like how are you in French and goodbye in French with free audio flash cards from a native and the Lingo Dingo review game!

French mini-course

English French
Good morning. Bonjour.
Good afternoon. Bon après-midi.
Good evening. (greeting) Bonsoir.
Hello, my name is John. Bonjour, je m'appelle Jean.
What is your name? Comment tu t'appelles?
How are things? Quoi de nouveau?
Fine, thanks. Très bien, merci.
How are you? Comment vas-tu?
I am fine. Je vais bien.
Nice to meet you. Enchanté.
Goodbye. Au revoir.
See you later A bientôt.

Hello in French

You may have noticed that hello in French is the same as good morning in French. That may seem confusing, but it is understood in the context of a conversation. It may make more sense to you if you realize that saying good morning in English could be another way of saying hello. Saying good morning in French is essentially the same thing as saying hello in French. There are also a few different ways to say goodbye in French, but we found that "Au revoir" was the most correct and most common way of saying goodbye in French. A good challenge for you would be to start out a conversation with hello and how are you in French, and finish the conversation using all the phrases on this page.

This list of French phrases will get you closer to speaking in complete sentences. There is also a list of French words which will help you as well. The French verbs will help you describe what you like to do. There are many free and paid resources for you to learn French.

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