French French Verbs - Group 3

Group 3 has 25 more French verbs from our list of the Top 100 French Verbs for you to learn. Learn for free with audio flash cards and the dangerously addictive Lingo Dingo! One of these verbs could help you save the world!

French mini-course

English French
to play jouer
to follow suivre
to continue continuer
to pay payer
to know (personally) savoir
to learn apprendre
to listen to écouter
to hear entendre
to go up monter
to sell vendre
to travel voyager
to change changer
to explain expliquer
to finish finir
to prefer préférer
to serve servir
to like (please) apprécier
to feel sentir, ressentir
to drink boire
to cook cuisiner
to eat breakfast petit-déjeuner
to eat dinner dîner
to eat lunch déjeuner
to look at regarder vers

Learning French Verbs Group 3

Return to the French verbs menu when you have mastered Group 3 of the Top 100 French verbs. You are doing great! Check out the French phrases if verbs are not what you are looking for. There is also a huge French vocabulary list available for you to use. In your journey to learn French it is important that you make time to speak, write, and understand French.