French Professions

Maybe you could save the world one profession at a time. Veronique will help you learn the professions in French with the more than enjoyable flash cards below, and then you can quiz yourself with the dangerously addictive Lingo Dingo review game!

French mini-course

English French
the accountant le comptable
the actor l'acteur
the artist l'artiste
the athlete l'athlète
the barber le coiffeur
the boss le patron
the business person l'homme d'affaires
the butcher le boucher
the carpenter le menuisier
the cashier le caissier
the chef le chef
the coach l'entraîneur
the computer technician le technicien informatique
the construction worker l'ouvrier
the dentist le dentiste
the doctor le médecin
the engineer l'ingénieur
the farmer le fermier
English French
the firefighter le pompier
the hair dresser le coiffeur
the judge le juge
the lawyer/attorney l'avocat
the librarian le bibliothécaire
the mail carrier le facteur
the mason (brick layer) le maçon
the mechanic le mécanicien
the nurse l'infermière
the police officer le policier
the professor le professeur
the programmer le programmeur
the reporter le journaliste
the secretary le secrétaire
the veterinarian le vétérinaire
the waiter le serveur
the writer l'écrivain

Learning French Profession Words

Which is your favorite profession? You need to learn how to say good morning in French so that you can be friendly to clients and co-workers. Once you've mastered them all, go back to the French words menu to learn words in other topics. Those who learn French could also learn a new profession or make their current job more exciting. If nothing else, go to the French phrases page and tell somebody you love them in French. Have fun learning the French culture!