German Food II

You should know that food can calm people down if you are going to save the world. These are very important types of food in German. Helga the German will help you learn them in German with the more than enjoyable flash cards below, and then you can quiz yourself with the dangerously addictive Lingo Dingo review game!

German mini-course

English German
the apricot die Aprikose
the banana die Banane
the beans die Bohne
the beet die rote Bete
the butter die Butter
the candy die Bonbons
the flour das Mehl
the grape die Traube
the honey der Honig
the jam die Marmelade
the jelly das Gelee
the juice der Saft
the ketchup das Ketchup
the lemon die Zitrone
English German
the lime die Limone
the mayonnaise die Mayonnaise
the mustard der Senf
the nut die Nuss
the peach die Pfirsich
the peanut die Erdnuss
the peanut butter die Erdnussbutter
the pear die Birne
the pineapple die Ananas
the popcorn das Popcorn
the radish der Rettich
the raisin die Rosine
the tomato die Tomate

Learning German Food II Words

Now that everyone is calm, take a break and eat. Just say yes in German. Come back and return to the German words menu for another food list or other topics. If you love to eat and learn German, then this is the place for you! There is also plenty of German culture information for you to digest as well.