German Professions

Maybe you could save the world one profession at a time. Helga the German will help you learn the professions in German with the more than enjoyable flash cards below, and then you can quiz yourself with the dangerously addictive Lingo Dingo review game!

German mini-course

English German
the accountant der Buchhalter
the actor der Schauspieler
the artist der Künstler
the athlete der Sportler
the barber der Herrenfriseur
the boss der Chef
the business person der Geschäftsmann
the butcher der Metzger
the carpenter der Schreiner
the cashier der Kassierer
the chef der Koch
the coach der Trainer
the computer technician der Computertechniker
the construction worker der Bauarbeiter
the dentist der Zahnarzt
the doctor der Arzt
the engineer der Ingenieur
the farmer der Landwirt
English German
the firefighter der Feuerwehrmann
the hair dresser der Friseur
the judge der Richter
the lawyer/attorney der Rechtsanwalt
the librarian der Bibliothekar
the mail carrier der Postbote
the mason (brick layer) der Maurer
the mechanic der Mechaniker
the nurse die Krankenschwester
the police officer der Polizist
the president der Präsident
the professor der Professor
the programmer der Programmier
the reporter der Reporter
the secretary die Sekretärin
the veterinarian der Tierarzt
the waiter die Bedienung
the writer der Schriftsteller

Learning German Profession Words

Hopefully you have the opportunity to serve others or provide a service with your profession. If you are thanked for your service, then you should learn how to say you're welcome in German. Those who learn German could also learn a new profession or make their current job more exciting. If nothing else, go to the German phrases page and tell somebody you love them in German. Have fun learning the German language!