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English Japanese
a woman’s male friend who is used solely for the purpose of driving her around asshii-kun
trendy women around 40 years old arafo
good-looking man sutekirma hito
lovey-dovey icha-icha
Are you kidding? (Get out!) usso-o!
men who apparently have no other life otaku
cool kakkoii
to ignore shikato
(subdued) cool shibui
uncool dasai
to give it a shot even if unlikely to succeed damemoto
to pick up women nanpa suru
a girl who pretends to be innocent burikko
serious, no kidding maji
a woman’s male friend who is used solely for the purpose of buying her expensive things mitsugu hito
bad yabai
chug! chug! (drinking) ikki, ikki!
Hey, not so much imaichi
herbivorous men (men who are sensitive, not into romance) so-shoku danshi
groupie okkake

Learning Japanese Slang

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