Japanese Family

Since your family will be honored when you save the world, it's important that you introduce them properly in Japanese. Yukiko will help you learn the family words in Japanese with the more than enjoyable flash cards below, and then you can quiz yourself with the dangerously addictive Lingo Dingo review game!

Japanese mini-course

English Roman Spelling
 aunt oba
 boyfriend boifurendo
 brother ani
brother-in-law gikei
 cousins itoko
 dad tosan
 daughter musume
 daughter-in-law girinomusume
 family kazoku
 father chichi
 father-in-law girinochichi
 fiancé kon-yakusha
 friend yuujin
 girlfriend gaarufurendo
 grandma obaachan
English Roman Spelling
 grandpa ojiichan
 grandparents sofubo
 husband otto
 mom kaasan
mother haha
 mother-in-law girinohaha
 nephew oi
 niece mei
 relationships kankei
 sister ane
 sister-in-law gishi
 son musuko
 son-in-law girinomusuko
 uncle oji
 wife tsuma

Learning Japanese Family Words

Thanks for introducing your family! Learn more Japanese words to continue honoring them. Your efforts to learn Japanese will help you meet more people to honor. Learn Japanese phrases to better communicate with family and friends. The Japanese language pages help you learn about Japanese culture and other interesting things.