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Spanish English
Word(s) un acto muy heroico a very heroic act
Phrase(s) Sí, pero un acto muy heroico Yes, but one very heroic act
Word(s) siempre nos enseñan they always teach us
Phrase(s) Que siempre nos enseñan that they always teach us
Word(s) en la escuela at school
Phrase(s) en la…en la escuela in…in school
Word(s) sabemos we know
Phrase(s) y que nosotras sabemos and that we know
Word(s) un muchacho a boy
Phrase(s) un muchacho. a young man.
Se puede decir un muchacho You could say a young man
Word(s) ese pedazo de tierra that piece of earth
Phrase(s) ese pedazo de tierra that piece of land
Word(s) estaban robando they were stealing
Phrase(s) Que nos estaban robando, that they were taking (stealing)
Word(s) su vida his life
Phrase(s) con su vida. with his life.
Word(s) antes de morir before dying
Phrase(s) antes de morir? before he died?
Word(s) rendir to surrender, give up
Phrase(s) “¿Rendirme yo? “Surrender (myself)?”
Word(s) cobardes cowards
Phrase(s) ¡Cobardes! Cowards!
Word(s) una furia a fury
Phrase(s) y una furia de…de hombres malos and a fury of…of bad men
Word(s) lo atacaron they attacked him
Phrase(s) lo atacaron attacked him
Word(s) lo mataron they killed him
Phrase(s) y lo mataron and killed him
Word(s) él murió he died
Phrase(s) y él…él murió, and he…he died,
Word(s) heroicamente heroically
Phrase(s) pero heroica-heroicamente. but heroic—heroically.
Word(s) de todas maneras anyways
Phrase(s) De todas maneras Anyway
Word(s) salida al mar outlet to the sea
Phrase(s) salida al mar. an exit to the sea.
Word(s) robar to steal
Phrase(s) Nos robaron They stole
Word(s) un pedazo de tierra a piece of earth
Phrase(s) un pedazo de tierra. our piece of land.
Word(s) a la vez at the same time
Phrase(s) y a la vez and at the same time
Word(s) muy chistosa very funny
Phrase(s) muy chistosa. very funny.
Word(s) en esa época at that time, in that era
Phrase(s) El presidente en esa época In that era the president
Word(s) déspota despot, tyrant
Phrase(s) que era muy déspota. who was very tyranical.
Word(s) era bastante orgulloso he was quite proud
Phrase(s) Era bastante orgulloso He was very prideful
Word(s) los brasileros the Brazilians
Phrase(s) Entonces los brasileros conocían eso. So the Brazilians knew that.
Word(s) amante lover
Phrase(s) que él era…era amante that he was…was in love (a lover)
Word(s) un caballo blanco a white horse
Phrase(s) un caballo blanco. a white horse.
trajo un caballo blanco brought a white horse
Word(s) el tamaño de su pata the size of his hoof
Phrase(s) el tamaño de su pata— the size of his hoof—
Word(s) el tamaño the size
Phrase(s) el tamaño de su pata— the size of his hoof—
Entonces el tamaño So the size
Word(s) la pisada the footprint
Phrase(s) que era la…la pisada del caballo… that was the…the footstep of the horse…
Word(s) regalo gift
Phrase(s) “Como presente—como regalo hacia ustedes, “As a gift—as a gift for (towards) you (all),
Word(s) castaña chestnut
Phrase(s) en castaña in chestnuts
Word(s) recursos naturales natural resources
Phrase(s) y en otros recursos naturales. and other natural resources.

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