Spanish Future Reflexive Spanish Verb Conjugation

Spanish mini-course

Now let’s take a look at “Reflexive Will” verbs. The same reflexive rules apply here as in other lessons. When there is only one verb, the reflexive pronoun (me, te, se or nos) goes in front. For example, “We will be getting married soon” would be “Nos casaremos pronto” Remember from previous lessons, if there are two verbs, the reflexive pronoun can either go in front of both verbs or after both. For example, the phrase “We will need to wash our hands” could either be “Necesitaremos lavarnos las manos” or “Nos necesitaremos lavar las manos”

Let’s practice with a few of those now. Try to guess the answers.

She will complain a lot Se quejará mucho
I will want to forget that Querré olvidarme de eso.
I will go to brush my teeth Iré a cepillarme los dientes.
They will stay here Se quedarán aquí.
He will get angry Se enojará
I will get up early Me levantaré temprano
He will shave every day Se afeitará todos los días.
Juan will not (or won’t) be able to wash his hands Juan no podrá lavarse las manos.
She will say goodbye Se despedirá
I will always wake up late Siempre me levantaré temprano.


I will bathe me bañaré
(Marta) You will shower te ducharás
He will break (his ___) se romperá (el/la, los/las ___)
She will get sick se enfermará
(Sra. Benites) You will brush (your ___) se cepillará (el/la, los/las ___)
We will burn ourselves nos quemaremos
They will take off se quitarán
All of you will wash (your ___) se lavarán (el/la, los/las ___)
I will dry (my ___) me secaré (el/la, los/las ___)
(Martín) You will shave te afeitarás
He will get angry se enojará
She will get married se casará
(Sr. Mendes) You will be called se llamará
We will get ready nos arreglaremos
They will complain se quejarán
All of you will worry se preocuparán
I will work in me dedicaré a
(Juana) You will get tired te cansarás
He will forget se olvidará
She will stay se quedará
(Sra. Benites) You will get up se levantará
We will be called nos llamaremos
They will get sick se enfermarán
All of you will get angry se enojarán
I will get married me casaré
We will meet nos reuniremos
We will worry about nos preocuparemos
(Rosa) You will work in te dedicarás a
(Raúl) You will remain te quedarás
We will get up nos levantaremos