Spanish Imperative Tú Spanish Verb Conjugation

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use commands with “tú”. Unlike “Ud.” and “Uds.” commands, with “tú” there are positive “tú” commands and negative “tú” commands. The negative “tú” commands are just like the “Ud./Uds” commands, only with an “s” on the end.

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Tú Negative Commands

See if you can guess how to say, “Juan, don’t swim” 
it would be “Juan, no nades”

Now we’ll try an “er/ir” negative “Tú” command.

“María, don’t write”
“María, no escribas”

Now let’s learn how to do positive “Tú” commands. They are very simple, you just take off the “r” of the verb infinitive, and for “ir” verbs, you also change the “i" to an “e”. Now, we’ll have a quiz to help you remember the concept and practice. Remember, all of these will be “tú” commands.

Eat Come
Don’t eat No comas
Help Ayuda
Don’t help No ayudes
Open Abre
Don’t open No abras
Finish Termina
Don't finish No termines
Write Escribe
Don’t write No escribas
Wait Espera
Don’t wait No esperes
Believe Cree
Don’t believe No creas
Draw Dibuja
Don’t draw No dibujes
Sell Vende
Don’t sell No vendas
Walk Camina
Don’t walk No camines
Read Lee
Don’t read No leas
Work Trabaja
Don’t work No trabajes
Run Corre
Don’t run No corras
Try Trata
Don’t try No trates
Learn Aprende
Don’t learn No aprendas

Before we finish this lesson, here’s a simplified chart that shows all of the commands both positive and negative as well as tú, Ud. and Uds...


Ud. Uds.
habla Hable hablen
no hables no hable no hablen


Ud. Uds.
come coma coman
no comas no coma no coman

Spanish Review

visit visita
walk camina
teach enseña
speak habla
rest descansa
don't plan no planees
don't help no ayudes
don't fix no arregles
don't dance no bailes
don't call no llames
write escribe
permit permite
open abre
sell vende
don't run no corras
don't read no leas
promise promete
don't drink no bebas
don't attend no asistas
don't go up no subas

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