Spanish Imprefect Reflexive Verbs Spanish Verb Conjugation

Now let’s take a look at “Reflexive Back” Spanish verbs. The same reflexive rules apply here as before. When there is only one verb, the reflexive pronoun (me, te, se or nos) goes in front of the conjugated verb. For example, “While we were getting married…” would be “Mientras nos casábamos…” Remember from previous lessons, if there are two verbs, the reflexive pronoun can either go in front of both verbs or after both. For example, the phrase “I was hoping to have fun” could either be “Esperaba divertirme” or “Me esperaba divertir.”

Spanish mini-course

Let’s practice with a few of those now. Try to guess the answers before they’re said. To simplify, where there are two verbs, we’ll put the reflexive pronoun after both verbs although it can go either before or after both verbs. In this quiz, some will have one verb and some will have two.

Are you ready?

He used to complain a lot Se quejaba mucho
I was hoping to forget that. Esperaba olvidarme de eso.
I was going to brush my teeth. Iba a cepillarme los dientes.
They used to get sick a lot. Se enfermaban mucho.
She never used to get angry. Nunca se enojaba.
I used to have to stay here. Tenía que quedarme aquí.
He used to shave every day. Se afeitaba todos los días.
She wanted to wash her hands. Quería lavarse las manos.
Juan was going to say goodbye Juan iba a despedirse
I always woke up late Siempre me levantaba temprano.

Spanish Review (Back Verbs)

I was bathing me bañaba
(Marta) You used to shower te duchabas
He used to break (his ___) se rompía (el/la los/las ___)
She was getting sick se enfermaba
(Sra. Benites) You used to brush (your ___) se cepillaba (el/la los/las ___)
We burned ourselves nos quemabamos
They were taking off se quitaban
All of you used to wash (your ___) se lavaban (el/la los/las ___)
I dried myself me secaba
(Martín) You were shaving te afeitabas
He used to get angry se enojaba
She was getting married se casaba
(Sr. Mendes) You were called se llamaba
We used to get ready nos arreglabamos
They complained se quejaban
All of you were worrying se preocupaban
I used to work in me dedicaba a
(Juana) You got tired te cansabas
He was forgetting se olvidaba
She used to stay se quedaba
(Sra. Benites) You were getting up se levantaba
We used to be called nos llamabamos
They got sick se enfermaban
All of you were getting angry se enojaban
I was getting married me casaba
We used to meet nos reuníamos
We were worrying about nos preocupabamos
(Rosa) You were working in te dedicabas a
(Raúl) You used to remain te quedabas
We got up nos levantabamos