Spanish Past Subjunctive Irregular Spanish Verb Conjugation

One of the past subjunctive conjugations are formed by taking off the “ron” from the third person plural of the Spine or Preterite and adding the past subjunctive endings. Now, that’s how most text books and grammar books teach how to conjugate the past subjunctive, but honestly, by the time you process all of that in your head and come up with the right conjugation, a conversation you may have been having with a native speaker would have already past you by.

Spanish mini-course

AR Past Subjunctive Endings

I’ll show you a simpler way to learn Spanish irregulars. We'll make it simple to conjugate Spanish verbs. And, as always, the key to being fluent in a foreign language is repetition and practice.

-ara -áramos
-aras -arais
-ara -aran

ER IR Past Subjunctive Endings

-iera -iéramos
-ieras -ierais
-iera -ieran

Here we’ll give you the base of the conjugation and you can easily figure out the rest.

caer cayera poder pudiera
conducir condujera poner pusiera
conseguir consiguiera preferir prefiriera
creer creyera producer produjera
dar diera querer quisiera
decir dijera reír riera
dormir durmiera repetir repitiera
destruir destruyera requerir requiriera
estar estuviera saber supiera
haber hubiera seguir siguiera
hacer hiciera sentir sintiera
incluir incluyera server sirviera
ir fuera ser fuera
leer leyera tener tuviera
morir muriera traducir tradujera
oír oyera traer trajera
pedir pidiera venir viniera

Spanish Review

caer cayera
conducir condujera
repetir repitiera
requerir requiriera
saber supiera
seguir siguiera
dormir durmiera
server sirviera
ser fuera
morir muriera
oír oyera
pedir pidiera
poder pudiera
leer leyera
tener tuviera
hacer hiciera
incluir incluyera
ir fuera
poner pusiera
haber hubiera
traducir tradujera
traer trajera
venir viniera
conseguir consiguiera
creer creyera
dar diera
decir dijera
sentir sintiera
destruir destruyera
estar estuviera
preferir prefiriera
producer produjera
querer quisiera
reír riera

Spanish Review

if we asked si pidieramos
we wanted them to repeat Queríamos que repitieran
if you all were (estar) si estuvieran
We liked you (Sra. Aguilera) to follow nos gustaba que seguiera
if you all got/obtained si consiguieran
it was important for you (Sr. Guzmán) to know era importante que supiera
if we fell si cayeramos
I needed him to drive necesitaba que condujera
if they repeated si repitieran
They preferred her to have prefieron que tuviera
you (Ariana) told me to follow me dijiste que siguiera

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