Spanish Clothes In Spanish

Since you must be dressed to save the world, you'll need to have some clothes. Conchita will help you learn the different types of clothes in Spanish with the more than enjoyable flash cards below, and then you can quiz yourself with the dangerously addictive Burrito Builder review game!

Spanish mini-course

English Spanish
the ball cap la gorra
the belt el cinturón
the clothes la ropa
the coat el abrigo
the cotton el algodón
the dress el vestido
the gloves los guantes
the hat el sombrero
the jacket la chaqueta
the pajamas la pijama
the pants los pantalones
the purse la bolsa
English Spanish
the sandals la sandalia
the shirts las camisas
the shoelace la agujeta
the shoes los zapatos
the skirt la falda
the socks los calcetines
the suit el traje
the sweater el suéter
the swimming suit el traje de baño
the tie la corbata
the velcro el velcro
the zipper el cierre

Learning Spanish Clothing Words

How do you like your new Spanish clothes? Now that you're appropriately dressed to save the world, return to the Spanish words menu for more words. You can accomplish your goal to learn Spanish! There are also important Spanish phrases you can learn. Don't forget the culture information on the Spanish culture page.