Chinese Bedroom

If you are going to save the world, you will need some sleep. Yang Yu will help you learn essential bedroom words in Chinese with the more than enjoyable flash cards below, and then you can quiz yourself with the dangerously addictive Lingo Dingo review game!

Chinese mini-course

English Roman Spelling
 alarm clock nào zhōng
 bed chuáng
 bedroom wò shì  
 blanket tǎn
 ceiling tiān huā bǎn
 closet yī guì
 dresser shū zhuāng tái
English Roman Spelling
 hanger yī jià
 lamp dēng
 nightstand chuáng tou guì
 pillow zhěn tou
 sheets chuáng dān
 wall qiáng

Learning Chinese Bedroom Words

Hopefully you were able to learn the Chinese bedroom words and get some sleep! Return to the Chinese words menu and keep learning other important words. There are also many Chinese phrases for you to learn. You can learn Chinese and remember what you have learned. There is also culture and Chinese language information available for free.