German German Slang

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German mini-course

English German
the whole shebang die Chose/Schose
mumbo jumbo das Geschwurbel
to put in one's place wegföhnen
nonsense, rubbish der Stuss
beer (ironic) der Hopfenblütentee
big boss (derogatory) der Obermufti
ok, all right, agreed gebongt
to sleep ratzen
money das Moos
want to Bock haben
to work hard malochen
fat around one's middle, spare tire die Wampe
hands die Flossen
Well that's just brilliant Prost Mahlzeit
big feet die Quadratlatschen
snotty brat der Rotzlöffel
twerp die Knalltüte
fear das Fracksausen
motor-mouth die Quasselstrippe

Learning German Slang

Hopefully learning this list of German slang has made you feel more comfortable on the streets. Your journey to learn German should include all types of words, German phrases, and verbs. The lists of free German words will help you in many different situations. There are also many groups of German verbs to help you say and do whatever it is that you do. Just remember that your journey to learn the German language will require hard work but you can make it fun!