Italian Italian Verbs - Group 6

Group 6 has 25 more Italian verbs for you to learn. Learn for free with audio flash cards and the dangerously addictive Lingo Dingo! One of these verbs could help you save the world!

Italian mini-course

English Italian
to paint dipingere
to plan pianificare
to prepare preparare
to rest riposarsi
to return ritornare
to send spedire
to spend spendere
to teach insegnare
to touch toccare
to try provare
to use usare
to promise promettere
to surprise sorprendere
English Italian
to understand capire
to attend partecipare
to decide decidere
to permit permettere
to continue continuare
to destroy distruggere
to include includere
to give dare
to require richiedere
to snow nevicare
to cost costare
to move muovere

Learning Italian Verbs Group 6

You are doing great! Return to the Italian verbs menu when you have mastered Group 6 of the Italian verbs. There are also lists of Italian words available for you to learn. There are also many free Italian phrases as well. We hope that you can have fun as you learn Italian.