Japanese Japanese Body Parts II

Maybe you can use your Japanese knowledge to save someone. Yukiko will help you learn the body parts in Japanese with the more than enjoyable flash cards below, and then you can quiz yourself with the dangerously addictive Lingo Dingo review game!

Japanese mini-course

English Roman Spelling
 gum haguki
 hair ke
 hand te
 head atama
 heel kakato
 knee hiza
 leg ashi
 lips kuchibiru
 mouth kuchi
 neck kubi
English Roman Spelling
 nose hana
 rib abarabone
 teeth ha
 thigh mata
 throat nodo
 toe tsumasaki
 toenail ashinotsume
 tongue shita
 wrist tekubi

Learning Japanese Body Part II Words

Soon you might be an Japanese doctor! Go back to the Japanese words menu to learn other body parts and more words. You can learn important Japanese phrases as well. Your efforts to learn Japanese will be worth your time. You can also learn fun things about the Japanese language for free.