Spanish Conditional Two Verbs Spanish Verb Conjugation

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Hola. Just like with all other sections in the course so far, with “Would” verbs, when there are two verbs, the first one is conjugated and the second one is left in its infinitive form. In other words, it’s not conjugated.

I would be going to eat Iría a comer
She would hope to study tonight Esperaría estudiar esta noche
She would want to eat it. Querría comerlo
Juan you would know how to swim but... Juan sabría nadar pero…
We would not (or wouldn’t ) need to do it. No necesitaríamos hacerlo
They would have to eat it. Tendrían que comerlo.
I would not (wouldn’t) be able to finish it. No podrían  terminarlo.
He would prefer to go alone. Preferiría ir solo.

Now moving on, just like you’ve learned with other verb tenses, for “Would” verbs with “gustar”, if the item after it is singular or plural, you have to change “gustar”. For example, for singular items, or if you had a 2nd verb after, you would use “gustará” and for plural items, you would use “gustarán”.

Let’s take a look at a few examples

Singular or Verb After Plural
I would like to read tomorrow Me gustaría leer I would like tacos next month. Me gustarían los tacos el próximo mes
María would like to swim next year María le gustaría nadar el año que viene María would like these cookies A María le gustarían estas galletas
We would like the car Nos gustaría el carro We would like those cars Nos gustarían esos carros
They would like to run later Les gustaría corer luego They would like these French fries Les gustarían estas papas fritas


I would prepare to answer prepararía contester
(Marta) You would want to dance querrías bailar
He would desire to know desearía saber
She would hope to buy esperaría comprar
(Sra. Benites) You would invite me to eat dinner me invitaría a comer
We would need to arrive necesitaríamos llegar
They would plan to change planearían cambiar
All of you would teach them to swim les enseñarían a nadar
I would allow them to enter les permitiría entrar
(Martín) You would learn to sing aprenderías a cantar
He would like to cook le gustaría cocinar
She would finish to paint... terminaría de pintar...
(Sr. Mendes) You would try to sell trataría de vender
We would want to clean querríamos limpiar
They would prepare to deliver prepararían entregar
All of you would hope to understand esperarían entender
I would desire to return desearía regresar
(Juana) You would hope to eat breakfast esperarías desayunar
He would prepare to play (instrument) prepararía tocar
She would invite us to visit nos invitaría a visitor
(Sra. Benites) You would plan to draw planearía dibujar
We would need to study necesitaríamos estudiar
They would allow you to work te permitirían traríajar
All of you would learn to use aprenderían usar
I would teach him to drive le enseñaría a manejar
We would like to help nos gustaría ayudar
We would hope to travel esperaríamos viajar
(Rosa) You would try to decide tratarías de decidir
(Raúl) You would want to play Querrías jugar
We would like to drink nos gustaría beber