Spanish Imperative Tú Irregula Spanish Verb Conjugation

Since the “tú” negative commands are the same as the Ud. and Uds. commands, they have the same irregulars. Let’s take a look at the irregulars for the “Tú” positive commands. There are 2 sets of irregulars. In this first set, even though the negatives are the same as you’ve already learned, we’ll include them anyway. The more exposure you get to these important Spanish verbs, the better you’ll remember them.

Spanish mini-course

ir ve / no vayas venir ven / no vengas decir di / no digas
hacer haz / no hagas tener ten / no tengas oír oye / no oigas
poner pon / no pongas salir sal / no salgas ser sé / no sepas

The second set of irregulars is the same as the Ud./Uds. irregulars. They are irregular because of stem changes.

o-ue e-ie
sleep (dormir) duerme/
no duermas
close (cerrar) cierra/
no cierres
be able (poder) puede/
no puedas
feel (sentir) siente/
no sientas
count (contra) cuenta/
no cuentes
start (empezar) empieza/
no eimpieces
die (morir) muere/
no mueras
lose (perder) pierde/
no pierdas
eat lunch (almorzar) almuerza/
no almuerces
prefer (preferir) prefiere/
no prefieras
find (encontrar) encuentra/
no encuentres
recommend (recomendar) recomienda/
no recomiendas
move (mover) mueve/
no muevas
require (requerir) require/
no requieras
play (jugar) juega/
no juegues
start (comenzar) comienza/
no comiences
remember (recorder) recuerde/
no recuerdas
think (pensar) piensa/
no pienses
return (volver) vuelve/
no vuelvas
understand (entender) entiende/
no entiendas
return an item (devolver) devuelve/
no devuelvas
want (querer) quiere/
no quieras
show (mostrar) muestra/
no muestres
e-i i-y
ask for (pedir) pide/
no pidas
destroy (destruir) destruye/
no destruyas
follow (seguir) sige/
no sigas
include (incluir) incluye/
no incluyas
get (conseguir) consigue/
no consigas
repeat (repetir) repite/
no repitas
serve (server) sirve/
no sirvas

Spanish Review

ask for pide
don't ask for no pidas
follow sigue
don't follow no sigas
get/obtain consigue
don't get/obtain no consigas
repeat repite
don't repeat no repitas
serve sirve
don't serve no sirvas
destroy destruye
don't destroy no destruyas
include incluye
don't include no incluyas
go ve
don't go no vayas
do haz
don't do no hagas
put pon
don't put no pongas
come ven
don't come no vengas
have ten
leave sal
don't leave no salgas
say di
don't say no digas
sleep duerme
don't sleep no duermas
count cuenta
don't count no cuentes
die muere
don't die no mueras
eat lunch almuerza
don't eat lunch no almuerces
find encuentra
don't find no encuentres
move mueve
don't move no muevas
play juega
don't play no juegues
remember recuerde
don't remember no recuerdas
return/come back vuelve
don't return/come back no vuelvas
return/give back (an item) devuelve
don't return/give back (an item) no devuelvas
show muestra
don't show no muestres
close cierra
don't close no cierres
feel siente
don't feel no sientas
begin empieza
don't begin no eimpieces
lose pierde
don't lose no pierdas
recommend recomienda
don't recommend no recomiendas
require require
don't require no requieras
start comienza
don't start no comiences
think piensa
don't think no pienses