Spanish Yo and Go Go Irregular Spanish Verb Conjugation

The next group of irregular verbs are all irregular in the “yo” form. Let’s take a look at them now.

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First we’ll see the “go go” verbs. We’ll call them “go go” verbs because the “yo” form ends with “g-o” or “go”.

yo form – irregular all other forms – regular
The verb changes to:
[tra][er] traigo Tú traes (trae, traemos, traen)
[hac][er] hago Tú haces (hace, hacemos, hacen)
[pon][er] pongo Tú pones (pone, ponemos, ponen)
[sal][ir] salgo Tú sales (sale, salimos, salen)

In this section, you’ve learned many Spanish irregular verbs. If you try to memorize all of them right now, you’ll probably get overwhelmed. The best way to become familiar with them is to see and read aloud each one of them a few times over a few days so you can “tune your ear” to them. We recommend taking a brief break now to let the lessons sink in, then when you come back, we’ll go over these verbs so you can hear and see each one.

Spanish Practice “yo” and “go go”

Let’s begin the quiz:

I bring traigo
She brings trae
We bring traemos
I do… (or make) hago
We do… (or make) hacemos
They do…(or make) hacen
I put pongo
(Juan) You  put pones
We put ponemos
(Juana) You leave sales
(All of you) leave salen
I leave salgo
We leave salimos
(Mrs. Méndez) You come viene
They come vienen
We come venimos
(Jorge) You come vienes
I come vengo
They have tienen
I have tengo
(Juanita) You have tienes
We have tenemos
She says dice
I say digo
We say decimos
(Rosa) You  say dices
All of you say dicen
(Mr. Garcia) you agree está de acuerdo
We agree estamos de acuerdo
I agree estoy de acuerdo
They choose escogen
I choose escojo
We choose escogemos
They know (personally) conocen
I know (personally) conozco
We know (personally) conocemos
I know (info.)
She knows (info.) sabe
We know (info.) sabemos
I give doy
We give damos
They give dan

If you’d like, here you can either review what you just learned to become more familiar with it, or if you feel comfortable, you can continue on to the next lesson.