Spanish Spanish Family Words

Learn Spanish family words right here with our free Mini Course below. It's important that you learn family words in Spanish so you can easily get to know others, and they can get to know you! Learn the words with our lessons below, then quiz yourself with our awesome review games.

Spanish mini-course

English Spanish
the aunt la tía
the boyfriend el novio
the brother el hermano
the brother-in-law el cuñado
the cousins los primos
the dad el papa
the daughter la hija
the daughter-in-law la nuera
the family la famila
the father el padre
the father-in-law el suegro
the fiancé el prometido
the friend el amigo
the girlfriend la novia
the grandma la abuela
English Spanish
the grandpa el abuelo
the grandparents los abuelos
the husband el marido
the mom la mama
the mother la madre
the mother-in-law la suegra
the nephew el sobrino
the niece la sobrina
the relationships las relaciones
the sister la hermana
the sister-in-law la cuñada
the son el hijo
the son-in-law el yerno
the uncle el tío
the wife la esposa

Learning Spanish Family Words

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