Spanish More Food Vocabulary Words in Spanish

This lesson will help you learn more food vocabulary words in Spanish with fun lessons and activities. Keep learning these words with the fun Mini Course lessons below. Learn, review and quiz yourself with the awesome Burrito Builder game!

Spanish mini-course

English Spanish
the apricot el albaricoque
the banana la banana
the beans los frijoles
the beet la remolacha
the butter la mantequilla
the candy el dulce
the flour la harina
the grape la uva
the honey la miel
the jam la mermelada
the jelly la jalea
the juice el jugo
the ketchup el kéchup
the lemon el limón
English Spanish
the lime la lima
the mayonnaise la mayonesa
the mustard la mostaza
the nut la nuez
the peach el durazno
the peanut el maní / el cacahuete
the peanut butter la mantequilla de maní
the pear la pera
the pineapple la piña
the popcorn las palomitas de maíz
the radish el rábano
the raisin la pasa
the tomato el tomate

Learning Spanish Food Words and Vocabulary

Now that everyone is calm, take a break and eat. You deserve it. Come back and return to the Spanish words menu for another food list or other topics. If you love to eat and learn Spanish, then this is the place for you! The lists of Spanish phrases are important, because you might need a bathroom break soon. There is also plenty of Spanish language and culture information for you to digest as well.